FAQ Spirotiger Idiag P100

What is the Idiag P100?
The Idiag P100 is a respiratory muscle training device.
It was developed by Idiag in cooperation with ETH and other universities and, when used consistently, noticeably improves respiratory muscles, physical performance and general well-being.

How does the Idiag P100 work?
The Idiag P100 is operated via a touchscreen on the device or via an app. Four different drive modes can be selected. Free Mode, Strength, Endurance and Interval training. In all modes, ( not for Free mode) your level is determined by means of an automatic entry test and the intensity of the training is determined.

In free mode you can train without any specification on breathing frequency or breathing depth. This mode is optimally suited to get startet with breathing training and to focus on breathing techique.

In strength training, you can inhale or exhale against resistance. As with normal strength training, this exercise exhausts your respiratory muscles, which leads to muscle tissue growth.

Endurance training with the Idiag P100 is based on the principle of forced breathing with controlled CO2 rebreathing (known as isocapnic hyperpnea). This means that CO2-rich exhaled air is collected in the breathing bag and two highly sensitive flaps mix the fresh air and the breathable air in the correct ratio. This excludes hyperventilation or dizziness, in which the respiratory muscles are specifically trained with the desired frequency and depth of breathing.

Interval training is based on the principle of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and is characterized by intensive training units with high pressure and high respiratory rate. This form of training is particularly time efficient.

Can the IDIAG P100 be used by several people?
Yes, the IDIAG P100 can be used by several people.
An additional personal user kit is required for this, which contains the air tube, breathing bag, mouthpiece and nose clip.
Personal user sets are not tied to a specific P100 device and thus allow easy sharing of devices without neglecting hygiene aspects.

Where can I buy the Idiag P100?
The Idiag P100 can be purchased online directly from our online store www.spirotiger.net or www.malaudosolutions.com  or by email
If you are a healthcare professional

What is the difference between the SpiroTiger and the Idiag P100?
The Idiag P100 is the last born, additional functions, more innovative in short:
In addition to endurance training, strength training can now be performed with the Idiag P100, which previously could not be performed with the SpiroTiger
In addition, the training is given and documented via an associated application so that the progress is visible.
The app also gives you the option to download future updates such as other forms of training, breath tests, etc. for the Idiag P100.
Another novelty is the integrated CO2 sensor, which among other things makes it possible to train not only while seated, but also under physical tension.

What makes the Idiag P100 better than comparable devices on the market?
The Idiag P100 is the world's first product that offers personalized respiratory muscle training for strength, endurance and interval training in one device. This unique combination opens up completely new possibilities in training the respiratory muscles. The connection with the smartphone is a big plus in terms of training planning and design
Furthermore, the device was developed in cooperation with leading universities (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, ETH, Bern University of Applied Sciences, University of Zurich) in Switzerland and the device and the theory behind it tend to meet the highest scientific requirements.

What is the Idiag P100 application for?
Training with the Idiag P100 can be instructed and documented via the app so that the training progress is visible.
The app also offers the option to download future updates such as other training forms, breath tests, etc. for the Idiag P100.
Without the app, only training in "free mode" is possible.

Can I connect the Idiag P100 to my smartphone?
Yes, there is an application suitable for the device. The Idiag P100sport app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and Google Play. The app offers a training plan and can be linked to the Idiag P100 during training, but can also be used after training to assess your training progress. .

Can I try the P100 or the Spirotiger Go?
Of course, contact us and we will give you the addresses of approved Centers.