Idiag P100

Idiag P100

1 445,00 €

Whether breathlessness, back pain or sleep disturbance – the Idiag P100 will strengthen your respiratory muscles and improve your quality of life.

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The Idiag P100 raises your performance to a completely new level. With the world’s first all-in-one respiratory muscle trainer you will improve the strength of your respiratory muscles and boost your endurance and performance capacity. Blow yourself to your limits – and beyond. APPLICATION Thanks to simple initial respiratory muscle tests the training protocol is automatically personalised to the Idiag P100 user. The Idiag P100 offers users a range of monitored training modules such as endurance, strength and interval training of the respiratory muscles. In addition, the training sessions can be managed, planned and evaluated using the app on a mobile device. With an additional personal user set partners or other family members can train using the same device.