Spirotiger ®

- SPORT Start moving towards new and better performances with Spirotiger®. All sportsmen and women train hard, but those who want to be sure of a real advantage must try something different. For all athletes and personal Trainers
 - GO At any age and for any lifestyle trained breathing will improve your quality of life. Whether you have a weight problem, experience breathlessness, are starting a sport or have problems with general fitness or motivation, you can discover vitality and the joy of living!
- SMART Boost your perfomance! For all active sports enthusiasts. For running, swimming, trails and marathons.
- MEDICAL SpiroTiger® Medical can be integrated into your rehabilitation plan. With exercises for training the breathing it strengthens the following muscles in particular: diaphragm, abdominals, thorax, pectorals, neck and dorsal muscles. For therapists, doctors and health centres.