Saddle balance for training

Saddle... and your back feels much better

Maintain a Healthy Back with movement
Transform any traditional chair with all its  postural benefits
Saddle seat shape will train you to sit in a posturally correct , fluid and uprightposition that it is automatically correct
The supporting ball construction allows for an intuitive motion  of the seat movingthe user in all directions making the sitting experience an active one
Sadla improves and maintains proper posture and enhances productivity and confort during your working day.

Movement is Therapy
The common reason for employee absences due to back pain is from the lack of motion inherent in a stationary sitting position.
Prevent employee health problems caused by prolonged, incorrect sitting posture by providing them a Humantool Saddle

Health Benefits
The lawer and middle back and core muscles are strengthened , as this sitting posture engages the entire core muscolar system
The continuous movement that this Balance Saddle provides relieves back tension , inherent in incorrect sitting postures.
Overall posture improves , as the pelvis is forced into a more upright position
Shoulders and neck pain is decreased by the improved position  of the lower back
Pressure on the nerve will descrease in the sitting posture
Improves metabolism and circulation


The delivery includes the seat, a plate for too hard or too soft chairs. Also the gym and using instructions are included.



149,00 €