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Spirotiger® GO

Price 899,00€


incl: 1 user set/1 respiratory bag/1 mouthpiece/shipping costs FR

Plastic case

For all: active sports enthusiastes, fitness, wellness centers.

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Special OFFER until 19 Août 2018

Price 1182,00€ ​    899,00€


incl:1 user set /1 respiratory bag /1 mouthpiece / shipping costs FR

Plastic case

For all: competitive athletes, fitness or sedentary.

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Spirotiger® Medical

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 Respiratory therapy with ST Medical®

Options 1 Patient or 10 Patients

Spirotiger® Sport Pro


Endurance respiratory muscles training

SpiroTiger® for advanced athlètes

incl. 1 user set/1 respiratory bag 3 liters /1 mouthpiece

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Silicone mouthpiece

Price : 15.00 €

Silicone Mouthpiece

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Ventilation bag

Price:from 26,00€ to 72.00 € 

Latex or silicon

Respiratory bag 2l/3,5l/4l for SpiroTiger® Médical/ Sport / GO & SMART

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Bag clamp

Price : 8.00 €

Bag clamp: to adapt the respiratory bag volume

Price:179.00 € 

User- Set for SpiroTiger® Médical / Sport / GO & SMART

incl.1 respiratory bag 3 or 4 liters and 1 silicone mouthpiece, 1 clamp

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Prices are valid from 01_01_2018, shipping cost is included in FR 

SpiroTiger®GO is a respiratory training device specifically for active sports enthusiasts, fitness and wellness centers. Use to boost fitness capacity, for individual and/or sports use. Sedentary people can increase all respiratory and functional capacity training with Spirotiger®GO. Lose weight in a few weeks. Small, compact, user friendly and easily transportable.


SpiroTiger®SMART offers different possibilities for training : 1 time inhale for 1 time exhale (1/1) or 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 or free mode; the relationship between inhale/exhale isn't configured. For everyone: competitive athletes or those with a sedentary life style. Small, compact, user friendly and easily transportable.


SpiroTiger®Sport PRO  is a respiratory training device specifically for competitive athletes, coaches or teams. Up to 3 users can be registered on its journal. This model is more powerful than the others and works at a higher frequency.


SpiroTiger®Medical PRO  - Respiratory therapy using ST Medical is an effective part of the rehabilitation process. The most crucial condition for life may well be a healthy and resilient respiratory muscle system. Targeted respiratory training provides the optimal solution. Highly secure and reliable, due to its on-board monitoring system. When applied correctly there is no risk of dizziness, even in the case of enforced respiration.