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Spirotiger ST MEDICAL® : general information


Regular sessions with ST®MEDICAL can be included in your rehabilitation plan. Training strengthens the following muscles: diaphragm, abdominals, thorax, pectorals, neck and dorsal muscles. It also improves stamina, power and coordination. Our medical staff provide basic training on how to use the device and once initiated you can continue on your own anywhere: at home or alongside other medical services.
Breathing is living!
Improving the quality of your breathing improves the quality of your life.
For a good quality of life, healthy and strong respiratory muscles are a must! Certified respiratory therapy is the best way to achieve this.

Breathing is essential for life. At rest, an individual will complete more than 20,000 respiratory cycles a day, a number that increases considerably with physical activity. Breathing is a complex process, with several sub-systems co-operating to carry out the vital function of exchanging carbon dioxide with oxygen. The complexity of the respiratory system means that it is vulnerable to malfunction and breathing may be hindered, putting other bodily functions at risk.

ST®MEDICAL is a device that specifically trains the deep respiratory muscle system. It also strengthens the neck, abdomen and back muscles.
With a personalised follow-up session, you learn to breathe in a new way, introducing your body to the new experience of training with deeper and more controlled breathing. Regular training strengthens your respiratory muscle system, bringing rapid improvements to your daily quality of life.

The advantages: there is no other mobile therapeutic system that focuses on the strengthening of respiration, with the monitoring of carbon dioxide with re-inhalation (Isocapnic hyperpnea). This corresponds to a respiratory process. The first phase consists of training the muscle groups involved in endurance and coordination and, depending on the training program, this can have an effect on the power, flexibility and rapidity of respiration. ST®MEDICAL was developed towards the end of the 20th century, resulting from collaboration between the Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ) and the Interstate College of Engineering in Buchs (NTB). It is the object of multiple on-going studies and research projects, concerning:
1) Significant decrease of breathlessness, improved muscular coordination and a tougher and more effective respiratory muscle system.
2) Improved transport of mucus and better evacuation of mucus (especially for patients affected by cystic fibrosis)
3) Strengthened  thorax muscles, abdominal muscles and clavicular muscles and an improved quality of life.

Composition / Functions

The ST®MEDICAL system consists of a base unit connected by cable to a manual element with a breathing bag. Therapy is made thorough, specific and safe during the session thanks to the electronic monitoring of the frequency and the depth of the individual’s breathing. Mis-use is immediately signalled via an audible and visual alarm.

By using highly sophisticated equipment - such as the valve, the breathing bag and the monitoring system - there’s no risk of hyper or hypoventilation.

The data from the session is transferred and recorded in the base unit for long-term storage.

1 The valve used in the manual element and the breathing bag avoid the risk of hyperventilation and dizziness under normal use.
2 The training data is transmitted to the base unit and serves to control the frequency and depth of respiration.
3 Respiratory frequency is given by light and sound signals.
4 The display shows such indications as: “breathe faster ", to guide the respiratory training.
5 If the frequency and the depth of the patient’s breathing are very different to ideal parameters, ST®MEDICAL will produce a visual and audible alarm.
6 The training data is stored in the base unit for long-term use.


The recommendations for standard usage come from scientific studies and data.
Generally, we would recommend training 3 to 5 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes, after an initial 2-week period where the training volume is gradually increased according to the individual. Regular and consistent usage of the device is the key to success and your well-being. Only qualified personnel (doctors, physiotherapists) can recommend and advise on therapy using ST®MEDICAL, taking the patient’s needs and history into account.

Applications :

• Cystic fibrosis
• Neuromuscular diseases
• Para / Tetraplegia
• Breathlessness
• Deconditioning

As well as:
• Snoring / Sleep Apnea
• Rheumatological diseases (M. Bechterew)
• Whiplash injuries (Pre-/ Post- operative)

Our team can suggest training programs on request or training by Skype

Presentations to professionals are possible on demand ( sports doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors ).
Contact: info@malaudosolutions.com  Consulting SpiroTiger®Training Center  in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.