SPIROTIGER®SPORT: general information


All athletes train hard but new techniques and technology can provide a decisive advantage over the competition. Respiratory training can help enable you to raise your performance and reach your full potential. Improved endurance through training your respiratory system has a positive effect on all your physical capacities. This is what makes respiratory training so precious for professional and amateur athletes.

Whether amateur or professional, general use or following a specific program, respiratory training can take on numerous forms and can be used before and after competition. The training doesn’t fatigue the cardiovascular system; it has broader benefits and strengthens not only the whole respiratory muscle structure, but also the abdominal, back and neck muscles. Regular training with SpiroTiger®  is the fastest and surest way to success.

SpiroTiger® is a exceptional and unique respiratory training device and is available in few models: 

SpiroTiger®GO is for everyone - including beginners -compact and light, excellent for Team,  can be bring in a sport bag, to training outside or everywhere

Spirotiger®Sport it was the first one model born, relied by a cable to the base display, it can register 3 persons training.

Spirotiger® Medical PRO A healthy and resilient respiratory muscle system is essential for a good quality of life. Targeted respiratory training provides the optimal solution.

All models of SpiroTiger® come with an interchangeable mouthpiece, air guiding parts and a customised breathing bag. A display and control panel facilitates monitoring and personalised settings provide safe and specific respiratory training.

1: Display to monitor training.
2: Control panel to change settings.
3: Interchangeable mouthpiece with air guiding parts.
4: Customised breathing bag
5: Battery compartment (2xAA)

6: Handle.
7: Easy to take apart and to clean.

Easy to Use

Inhale - Exhale - Win!

It's so easy to use. Just enter your personal settings on the control panel and then press "Start”. A sound signal will indicate when to exhale and when to inhale. We have found that 2 or 3 sessions of 5 minutes are sufficient to become used to the respiratory rhythm. Via a personalised program, training with Spirotiger is adapted to your individual capacities, depending on your personal respiratory volume, your respiratory frequency and the duration of your training.
Your training data immediately appears on the display and can be saved to allow you to track your training over time.

Use Spirotiger for more targeted training:
-  to pick up more demanding sports activity after a long break (eg. following an accident)
-  to warm-up before a competition or a training session

- to recover from physical exercise

Substantial increase in endurance and performance.
Noticeable increase in general physical fitness.
Improved peak performance under stress.
Shorter recovery times during and after competitions and training.
Improved endurance of the respiratory muscles.
Optimised oxygen supply to the skeletal muscles.
Faster breakdown of lactates during and after stress.
Improved coordination capability of the respiratory system under stress.
Strengthening of the neck, abdomen and back muscles.

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SpiroTiger® GO  is the ideal device for sports enthusiasts, fitness and wellness centres. This device strengthens the respiratory muscle system and is designed for individual and/or sports use. More sedentary people benefit from this kind of training the most.

Spirotiger® Medical PRO A healthy and resilient respiratory muscle system is essential for a good quality of life. Targeted respiratory training provides the optimal solution.

Spirotiger®Sport: For professional athletes, teams, Personal Trainers, relied with a cable to the base display.