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News: Lose weight using Spirotiger® GO, with Respiratory Muscles Endurance Training 



Today we hear a lot about wellbeing and fitness: our daily lives are centred around it. But are you aware that breathing is at the heart of happiness? Discover the pleasures of using your full lung capacity, climbing steeper slopes and controlling your breathing. Discover vitality and the joy of living! It is possible and it is as old as the hills. Great for getting back into shape, finding your figure and losing some excess weight! With regular sessions you’ll get there simply and naturally. GO is the recreational model of SpiroTiger®. It is a respiratory device that can be used at home, at your office, or whilst supervised by a trainer. Work your deep respiratory muscles: give them more energy, strength, power and endurance! See rapid results from only a few weeks of use, training just 3 times a week for only 15 minutes. At any age and for any lifestyle, trained breathing will improve your quality of life.  If you have a weight problem or experience breathlessness, are starting a sport, or have problems with general fitness or motivation, do not hesitate to CONTACT US:

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