Spirotiger Products

Idiag Spirotiger P100

More Air. More Life. More Performance.

The Idiag Spirotiger P100 raises your performance to a completely new level. The world's first all-in-one respiratory muscle trainer. More air. More performance.

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Spirotiger Medical

Improved quality of life via respiratory therapy

Training with Spirotiger® MEDICAL strengthens the following muscles: diaphragm, abdominals, thorax, pectorals, neck and dorsal muscles. It also improves stamina, power and coordination.

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Spirotiger GO

Are you looking for the SpiroTiger GO?

SpiroTiger® GO is for everyone - including beginners - compact and light, excellent for Team, can be bring in a sport bag, to training outside or everywhere.

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Your muscles’ oxygen monitor. Contact us directly.

Through a simple step-test protocol the Idiag Moxy can deliver important physiological data to help establish individual training recommendations.

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